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good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim vance. jackie bensen is at the police headquarters with breaking details on that arrest. >> reporter: in about 30 minutes, montgomery county police chief tom machker is expected to hole a press conference and announce that the two murders that have unanybodied the only community are connected and that an arrest has been made. for the last few days, police officers have been here. 41-year-old, a recent immigrant from lee is lanka, was shot after 4:00 p.m. monday as he walk home from his job at a subway restaurant. on friday, an 81-year-old was shot at his home. police believe both men were shot with a rifle. i can tell you the suspect was brought in here a short time ago. we have been given no
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information on his name, who he is or any type of motive in this case. we're expected to learn more about that. >> thank you. some part of our area under a severe thunderstorm watch tonight as the system begins to move through. let's get the latest. >> the systems, that storm off to the west right now. we see that line of storms moving through. don't worry about your rush hour this evening. most of us will get home okay before the rain starts. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11:00 for everybody you see here highlighted in the pink. it does not include portions of maryland or the northern neck of virginia. nothing severe in our area. you have to go toward stanton down to the south there. it is making the way to the east. we'll take a wider view. we'll zoom in first.
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this is the storm moving? >> toward frederick county. if you're in the line of this storm, watch out. we'll continue to watch as it moves to the east. two line of storms. one coming through now. another one, this one has a lot of severe weather. we'll continue to keep you updated on this. plus, what comes after this? it will set us back about a month. i'll talk about it coming up. in the matter in the situation in libya, president obama said again today that he will not send ground troops, u.s. ground troops into that country. the president returned to the white house a half-hour ago. he cut his trip short so co-deal with the kris tlis. in t here in washington there is bipartisan criticism over the president's leadership in that country. steve handleman is on could that hill with more. >> reporter: the way forward in libya is not clear. the president's move was
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controversial. the fact that he did it when he wasn't in washington, not in the united states is controversial. long time washington not sider republican said barack obama is lucky that congress was out on recess and not here on capitol hill to criticize. as president obama and his family returned to the white house from latin america, the air assault on libya continues, still led by the u.s. these are british fights. a british air tanker refuelling other cold air attention. >> we're getting a lot of support from both the zprenfrend the italians. >> reporter: moammar gadhafi's forces are taking heavy hits. on the ground, rebel forces are losing territory. unable to retake town they once held. could gadhafi survive?
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the pentagon chief that maybe. >> i think there are any number of possible outcomes here. and no one is in a position to predict them. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton said the air war is succeeding of. >> many, many libyans are safer today because the international community took action. >> reporter: not good enough said a key republican critic. >> they're now saying this is a humanitarian intervention which is nonsense. if this is not designed to get rid of gadhafi, then this makes no sense at all. >> president obama has vowed not to send in ground forces but more marines going signals, the fight dog drag out. >> a pro gadhafi news anchor brought a rifle on the show vowing the rebels and the u.s.-led coalition will be beat. >> secretary of state clinton amped up american rhetoric declaring, gadhafi ought to not only give up power but she said get out of libya. back to you.
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>> steve handlesman, thank you. sailors and marines with a union called the bataan am if not just ready group shipped out this morning tham. three ships from the area have been scheduled to leave port in july. two weeks ago they got word that they would be heading out for early duty. there was a gruesome discovery made in a burning dumpster in prince william county today when emergency crews arrived on the scene at the bay view apartments on bay side avenue in woodbridge them discovered more than a fire. pat collins is on the scene at this hour to tell us what they found. >> reporter: tonight police will be out in this neighborhood, going door to door, handing out fliers, trying to get information. trying to figure out what happened here. a burned body in this dumpster.
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a surprising start to the day at this woodbridge apartment complex. >> we have security that patrols the area. wow. yeah. i don't feel safe. there are bay view apartments. 9:15 this morning. kids going off to school. people going off to work. a fire in this dumpster. first smoke. then a big blue flame. then a startling discovery. >> a body. >> yeah. in our dumpster that we use on a daily basis. >> reporter: what do you make of this? >> it scares me. >> reporter: they're calling this a suspicious death. a very suspicious death. in fact, they're investigating this as a possible case of murder. why that dumpster? there are dumpsters all over the
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place here. one there. one down there. one over there. why that dumpster? is it because it was closest to the murder scene? that could be a key clue. cops all over the place. some in special crime suits so they could properly work this scorched scene. residents say the dumpster had been emptied last night. that this morning, they thought nothing was inside. until they saw the smoke. the fire, and that body. a body in the dumpster. >> yes, sir. sad. i don't know what this world is coming to. >> reporter: it will take some lab work and more police work to get this investigation moving along. the autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. back to you.
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>> pat collins. thank you. tributes are pouring in today as people remember legendary actress elizabeth taylor. she died this morning of congestive heart failure at the age of 79. elizabeth taylor with you a hollywood icon. she spent much of her life before an audience and she gave quite the performance. stephanie stanton reports. >> reporter: with her striking beauty and violet eyes, she was the epitome of a hollywood icon. >> in some ways she is the last of the era. >> reporter: today in hollywood at her star on the walk of fame, fans paid tribute to the legendary actress. >> you think classic hollywood, i think elizabeth taylor. >> reporter: she first troes stardom when she was just a teenager in "national velvet." she won't to star in pictures like "cat on a hot tin roof" and "cleopatra." she won two scars and was the first woman to earn $1 million
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for a number. >> today that is a fairly small number. but at the time it was absolutely gigantic. >> reporter: offscreen her life was just as drama. >> i would say her life story had pack more incident, more drama than the most of the films that she actually did. >> reporter: married eight times to seven different men, husband number six, u.s. senator john warner. >> the heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> reporter: but it was her romance to richard burton whom she first married in 1964 and then again in 1975 that created a media frenzy. >> they were trail blazers for the paparazzi. there had never been anything like that. there had 97 been stars that big. never been a romance that famous and public and scandalous. >> reporter: in 2009 she privately mourned the passing of one of her best friends. michael jackson. in her later years it was her charity work for aids research
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that she says kept her going. just days after celebrating her 79th birthday in february, she was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, generosity and grace. a private funeral will be held later this week. they asked that in lieu of flowers, money be donated. people are mourning the loss of tail o'in the washington area. she had strong ties to this area. she was once married to former virginia? john warner. they devoted their time to their home in washington and their farm in virginia. she made the fight against aids and hiv her cause. she talked about it before many others would. and she gave money to the whitman walker clinic in northwest d.c. we'll have a report on that part of elizabeth taylor's legacy coming up in our next half-hour.
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still ahead on news4 at 6:00, a bus stop bombing. we'll feigned out who is being blamed for this deadly terror attack. >> a concern about contamination in japan. there are new signs about the progress. illegal immigrants are busted in virginia. some are saying more than 100 arrests are still not enough. and air traffic controller allegedly was sleeping on the job. >> what's going on in sports? >> coming up nell, why a 3-0 lead in
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♪ welcome to the darker side of green. a crowded us about stop in jerusalem one, woman was killed, more than 20 others injured. this is first major palestinian attack in several years. israeli officials are threatening harsh retaliation. >> in japan, there are new new concerns about the safety of the food and water following the earthquake and tsunami there on march 11th. authorities stay tap water in tokyo is now showing elevated levels of radiation. parents are being told to stop giving tap water to infants.
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consequently, there has been a run on bottled water. radiation also has been detected and some vegetables and raw milk in japan. as ann williams reports now for people living further north, the biggest worry, how to get on with the day to day lives. >> reporter: this is what remains of the fishing town largely obliterated by the tsunami which here swept three mile inland. the search goes on for bodies, survivors clung to the hope of another miraculous discovery of somebody still alive under this. across the disaster zone, more than 300,000 people have been displaced from their home. nearly 10,000 people, half the population of this town alone. their plight has been come pound by the return of bitterly cold weather. here at least, aid is arriving in significant amounts though they say they do need more warm clothes. the first temporary home are already going up. we found a well organized
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evacuation center run by a team of volunteers in the japanese self-defense force. it will take a long time for people here to rebuild their shattered lives. but 12 days after the quake, and there are clear signs of progress in the relief operation. back to you. >> ian williams reporting. it is estimated at least 9,500 people were killed in that disaster. another 16,000 still missing. two planes at reagan national airport were forced to land without the control tower because the air traffic controller was allegedly asleep. federal safety officials are investigating this. this happened last night. an aviation official told the associated press, the controller is a supervisor. that person was scheduled for duty in the tower at that time but had reportedly fallen asleep. national transportation safety board association said the pilots of the two planes were not able to reach the tower but
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they were in ghupgs a regional air traffic control facility that is out in virginia. the faa release ad statement saying the fax is looking into staffing issues and whether existing procedures were followed appropriately. still to come, the forecast for the cherry blossoms has been changed. and we'll take you to a neighborhood that saw sever
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a local museum set out on a mission to identify thousands of hospital cost survivors who were displaced. the holocaust survivors. it is part of a display called remember me. the goal is to identify more than 1,000 children by poefgt pictures online. many of those children were displaced, across europe at the end of world war ii. official say they hope the online project can help the survivors share their stories and reconnect with relatives. the photos are posted on the museum's website. winter weather hit parts of the northeast today, including sparta, new jersey. take a look. six inches of snow fell across parts of north jersey.
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and it looked like cherry blossoms. >> that's some kind of snow. >> never seen snow like that. >> there we go! the unexpected spring snow caused schools to open late. you know, it did what snow does to people in that community. meanwhile, back at the cherry blossoms, there we go. a shorter bloom has been predicted for our blossoms. the park service announced the peak blooming period is most likely going to be march 29th through the first of april. not april 3. the buds on the trees are already puffy white. that means they are about four to six days away from peak bloom. the national cherry blossom festival begins on saturday and runs through april 10th. a good time to start getting down there. and is the weather going to do anything to them? >> the it might not be tonight's weather. i don't know enough about the cherry blossoms but i know it will be cold over the next few days. even temperatures around freezing. that could pose some problems as
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we make our way into the cherry blossom festival this weekend. outside we have some strong storms beginning to make their way through. we have been socked in with the clouds all day from around areas of the potomac to the north and east. sow and west, you've gotten a little clearing from time to time during the day. that helped temperatures to go way up. the high temperature in d.c. was 51 degrees. well above, or rather well below the average high temperature of 58. it was cloudy and cool but guess when. we'll be turning cooler through rest of the evening through the next couple days. any time you have this wind off the east, this wedge of cooler air, it is very hard to scour it out. it has been scoured to the south and that's what we're dealing with. some strong storms making its way toward spotsylvania county. watch out, fredericksburg. another storm toward the north, entering carroll county and to the nor and east of frederick.
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it is a pretty strong storm making its way to westminster. along route 7 or the dulles airport, or by dulles airport. watch out for that as well. a little wider view shows two lines. one line right here. that's the one we're going to see first. look at the second line that's coming through. this one is producing severe thunderstorm warnings for every county it hits. we're going to continue to watch this move across the area tonight and i think we could see some severe weather with the biggest potential being strong winds. that's why we have that severe weather. 46 in frederick, 45 many baltimore. south and west into the 60s. 64 in culpepper. 60 toward fredericksburg. you widen that out. look at the cold air. 80 in raleigh. very warm air to the south. it has been trying to push into our area. but it just can't get in here. we are going to see no matter
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where you are, whether you're cold or warm, serve going to see those storms. the area that's causing the storms to form will move through tonight. we will see the storms through 9:00. then a little bit of a break with shower activity on the back side of this system overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. then cold air. not cool air but cold air. the temperature running 10 to 15 degrees below average. not just for the next couple days but maybe for the next week as we see high pressure settling in. and that flow coming out of the nor. we talk about the nao. the north atlantic oscillation. it is now negative. all that means to you and i is it will get cold and stay that way. futurecast radar showing us as we make our way through 9:00, the rain starting to move out but still raining around this time. expect some wet roadways. then some clearing and watch what happens. i think could it get cold enough that some locations could pick up some snow early tomorrow morning. i don't expect any accumulation here. maybe some flurries out there
6:25 pm
toward frederick, sterling. i think washington, most likely this will be rain showers but it could be cold enough to see some flakes in the latter portion of march. amazing about this system and how strong this cold air is. thunderstorms likely, poeb severe with gusty winds. 48 to the nor. 58 to the south. tomorrow morning, you'll wake up to some colder temperature. 39 in the coldest areas to about 44 in the city. mostly cloudy, scattered showers. some of those could be mixed with some wet snow flakes as we mac our way through the day. mostly cloudy, breezy and cool. a few rain showers possible. 46 to 50 degrees. and that may be the warmest we get over the next few days. a high friday of only 46 degrees. that's with plenty of sunshine. many areas will wake up to temperatures in the 20s on friday. this weekend original saturday, a chance of a shower late in the day. then a possible a.m. mix of rain and snow sunday morning. high temperatures on sunday,
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only around 40 degrees. as we look toward next week. question should average around 60 degrees. the cold air is here and may be here to stay. >> the good thing about the cold temperatures, it will change. we can depend on it. coming up, new complaints that the government is not doing enough to deport illegal immigrants. this comes after more than 100 arrests. d.c. schools are taking action after a high school principal is accused of changing grades of some student. >> a 9-year-old faced with a split second decision on whether to face her sister's life. and three of the most well known streets may been to change. coming up in sports, the georgetown women crush maryland in the second round of the ncaa tournament.
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secretary of state hillary clinton is causing on libyan leader moammar gadhafi to end the crisis there by leaving the country. president obama has again ruled out any chance of the u.s. sending ground troops into that battle. more concerns about the safety of the food and water following the quake and tsunami
6:30 pm
in china. now they stay tap water in tokyo is showing elevated levels of radiation and they're urging parents not, to stop giving that tap water to their infans. they've arrested a suspect in connection with two murders in maryland. those two men were shot and killed a few days apart in the same communicate. today police said the bliss tk tests stay two murders are connected. immigration and custom enforcement, i.c.e., they arrested more than 160 illegal immigrants in northern virginia. >> it is part of an effort targeting undocument woed worke with criminal records. >> reporter: this video shot by the immigration and custom enforcement agency shows the week crackdown on illegal immigrants with criminal records. over 100 i.c.e. agents focused on northern virginia. >> the reason we do these
6:31 pm
operations is simple. we're trying to protect people. >> reporter: of the 163 arrested by federal, state and local agencies, 130 were foreign nationals with criminal records. 85 committed felonies, 45 committed misdemeanors, 30 were hero over. >> we are committed to the removal have criminal offenders from our streets. >> reporter: among those arrested, feds sayy from fairfax county, flef prince william county and 20 in loudoun. despite i.c.e.'s efforts, there are critics. prince william county is suing the federal government after a horrific drunk driving crash. in august police say 23-year-old carlos montano struck a car carrying three nuns, killing one of them. he is an illegal immigrant and had been turned over to i.c.e. but was released pending a
6:32 pm
hearing. >> we know since 2007, we have hand over 3,000 criminal illegal alien in prince william county alone and i.c.e. won't tell us whether they deported these individuals or whether they released them like they did montano. >> reporter: so they will file a second lawsuit look they diddic csx e. to find out the status of the 3,000. >> we want to know whether they're back in the community, we they should be keeping an eye out for them. >> reporter: they deported 195,000 criminal offenders nationwide. many they say were from virginia. as to when prince william county officials plan to file a second lawsuit against i.c.e., chairman stewart would only say it will happen soon. in woodbridge. that three-day enforcement sweep led to the arrests of men and women of 32 countries including eight peep who had been convict of sex offenses.
6:33 pm
dozens of workers from chipotle restaurants are protesting the recent mass firings there. this is outside chipotle. they recently fired 40 employees from the local restaurants. it claim they were not authorized to work in this country. the people who were fired want local law enforcement to investigate. >> i am very disappointed about them letting go of the workers that were there. then very nice people. >> reporter: the company has been the focus of an illegal immigration crackdown. the federal government asked 59 restaurants in virginia and d.c. for documentation on their workers last month. this is a new poll out that shows most d.c. residents do not approve of the job mayor vincent gray is doing. according to the poll, gray's approval rating is only at 31%. 40% actually disaprove of the job the mayor is doing.
6:34 pm
29% did not offer an pint. the principal at d.c.'s mckinley high school is now on paid leave following accusations that he doctored students' grades. a story that broke earlier. chris gordon has more now on the decision to temporarily remove the administrator from his post. >> reporter: news4 has learned from the d.c. public schools that four internal investigations are almost complete. and findings will be turned over to the u.s. attorney's office. the washington examiner first reported allegations that mccannotly technology high school principal david pender doctored student transcripts giving out grades for courses some students didn't take. he is seen here in the previous tv appearance. he is not commenting on the allegations. >> this evening, d.c. school chancellor kaya henderson announce that had the principal here at mcconly tech, david pender, has been placed on paid administrative leave. we got reaction from some
6:35 pm
parents. >> shocking. very shocking. i wonder what happened. it is very shocking. >> it is unfortunate. what happens at the end, the children. they suffer. it is just, adds too much disruption. there are washington examiner reported allegations that the principal was listed as the teacher of a number media courses in which most students were given a p for passing. and never given below a c grade. the "washington post" reports, pender doesn't teach classes. we are breaking away from that story because of a news conference that has just begun in rockville. the police chief thomas manger talking about the fact of two recent murders in maryland in the same neighborhood. >> in the 3400 block of north hyde street. responding officers found one man lying on the ground, suffering from three gunshot
6:36 pm
wounds. he had been walk home from work when he was shot. he later died. a witness r6d an older toyota camry leaving the area and a lookout was broadcast. about an hour later, montgomery county police officers observed a 1999 camry matching the description of the lookout. they stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as. he lives just down the street from the victim. he was arrested at that time for drug possession as a result of the traffic stop. we got a break in the quas the ballistic evidence that had been collected. the shell casings at both scenes were examined and a determination was made. the casings from both homicide scenes came from the same weapon. on march 22nd, a search warrant
6:37 pm
was executed at the home and a live .9 millimeter round was located. a ballistic examination was conducted and this round was linked to the shell casings at the homicide scene. based on this probable cause, the suspect has been charged with the murders. this remain a very active investigation. we're still collecting evidence, interviewing potential witnesses, and following up on additional leads. we're still trying to dem what if any motive was involved in this case. the suspect has been incarcerated on the drug charges since the night of the second homicide. the state's attorney john mccarthy. >> i'm the state's attorney for montgomery county. i will not be answering specific questions about the facts surrounding this case. i am not ethically permitted to
6:38 pm
do that. the charges against the suspect that are brought by the police say the maximum spent life imprisonment. these cases do not qualify for the death penalty. he has been in police custody for the past two days on the unrelated drug charge that the chief made reference to. if you would like copy of the application of charges in that matter, they can be provided to you. nds to the new charges related to the homicide, nds to ta warr been issued against defendant at the request of my office and lodged by the sheriff's department as a detainer. the reason for the hospital warrant being issued is that the defendant was on a conditional release in the community after having been not criminally responsible for an event that
6:39 pm
took place on march 12th, 2008. the earlier event included the charges of fourth degree burglary and harassment. the resolution of those charges was delayed due to the fact that initially the defendant was found not competent to stand trial at the timest charged in that case. several months passed after those original charges. during a period at that time, he was treated and provided psychiatric medications. the ultimately he was ruled competent and trial was ordered. following that finding, he was found guilty but not criminally responsible for the two charges of fourth degree burglary and harassment. he was then committed to the supervision of the maryland department of health and mental hygiene. the department recommended that the defendant be conditionally released into the community while on conditional release, the defendant is supervised by the maryland department of health and mental hygiene.
6:40 pm
court records reveal that the defendant does have a history of mental illness. prior to his release back into the communicate, and i'm referring to the court records that go back to 2008. there was a report and a finding that the defendant would not be a danger to himself or others if released back into the communicate. with special conditions. those conditions included a prirmt the defendant take psychotropic medications. when granted the release on january 15th, 2009, there were a total of 17 special conditions outlined by the court, governing his release. the conditional release order was for five years. that release order remained in effect at the time of the homicide. there will be a bond review on this matter tomorrow in the district court for montgomery county relative to his status on
6:41 pm
the new charges, the homicide. >> that's the latest on the arrest made today connecting the two murders in only to one man who is now under arrest. coming up in our broadcast, nobody won the latest mega million lottery drawing but somebody might get real lucky someb[ male announcer ] lucky the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn... ♪ in here, machines have a voice... ♪ in here, medical history follows you...
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welcome back. we're starting to see that second line approach the area. first line coming through with some strong storms around the baltimore region. also down toward fredericksburg. the strongest line is back toward the west where we have 73 thunderstorm warnings in if he can for morgan county into west virginia. watch out. these storm will produce some very strong winds as well as the potential for some hail as well. the current temperatures around the region, 51 in washington. 63 in culpepper. after these storms move through, we'll see much colder air in behind it. i'll show you the extended outlook in a few more minutes. >> thanks. what have you got? coming up in sports, the capitals are on a roll. they rally in philadelphia without their
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6:47 pm
if you're a caps fan, that must have been some game to watch. >> the flyers were in the playoffs. the capitals were trying to get there. the capitals were in a giving mood last night. after jumping out to a
6:48 pm
three-point lead, the allowed the flyer four unanswered goals. but the capitals were also takers. they fought back the to force overtime of in a shoot-out, they prevailed to clinch a playoff spot for the fourth consecutive season. will he to go philadelphia. bruce bood boudreau. third period tied at 3-3. the puck goes back to timonen. it is redirected in front past michael neuvirth. they lead 4-3. less than two minutes later, the capitals answer. mike knuble feeds johansson at the top of the circle. he finds the back of the net. the 12th of the year. and so we go to a shoot-out. the final shot in round three for the caps is alexander semin. been playing very well. if he make it, the capitals win. he skates in. he beats brian with the back hand. the capitals win it 5-4. they clinch the playoff spot despite blowing the big lead.
6:49 pm
to college hoops. that ship on the georgetown hoya's shoulders turned into gold last night. among other critics, president obama picked princeton to beat the georgetown women in the first round of the ncaa tournament. the hoyas took that motivation all the way to the bank. after days of confident quips about how they plan to beat their rival terps, the hoyas crushed them earning their first trip to the sweet 16. we're at comcast center. >> ougt and you show georgetown what it means to go play on our home court. >> this is the game. >> georgetown here on the inbound. the ball to monica mcnut here. mcnut hits the jumper. the hoyas open the game on a 13-1 run. back come the terps. the pass stolen by melissa thomas who gets the jumper and the foul. this is as close, however, as maryland would get the entire
6:50 pm
game. to the first, georgetown leads 37-24. this is my favorite player of the night. take a look. how impressive is that. she just drains it. she had a career high 34 points. georgetown wins 75-57. maryland's worst ncaa tournament loss since 1997. georgetown now faces number one uconn sunday in philly. coach williams had a message after the game. >> i told you we weren't scared. i thut our team came out right from the jump and led our pressure defense dictate our offense. >> we came out with an agenda. we thoroughly believe in ourselves. for some reason we keep hearing people don't believe in us and were not taking us seriously. through grapevine we heard that they simply played bad when they came. so absolutely. we had a chip on our shoulders. >> when you look at the percentages, 53% from the
6:51 pm
three-point line, 86 from the line. that's a hell of a night shooting the basketball. we got beat by a very good georgetown taken. a team that's been here. unfortune it will didn't show tonight but i am proud of our taken. we're young. we have ten freshmen and sophomores and we played like it tonight. will. >> do you have a message that you want to share with them? >> i think they respect us in a certain way because we've played them tough. they're hups. they're a grate team. it is no secret. they're human. they've gone down. why can't we beat them down again? >> all right. you'll to have wait to see them play on sunday. you know it is bad for the wizards when john wall said it was so bad, it was like they weren't on the court. they were crushed by the portland trail blazers but there was a monster highlight that you have to see. mcgee. remember him?
6:52 pm
wesley matthews driving. look at this. are you kidding me? he looks like he's playing on a kids' court there. he swipes it away. he takes it away and maintains control keeping it inbounds. starts the fast break. john wall takes it all way down the lane. the wizards got within nine points in the second quarter. absolutely nothing went right after that. the second half of the game, shack irnever sees wesley matthews coming. the alley-oop to gerald wallace. for two of his game high 28 points. the blazers beat the wizards 111-76. flip saunders' team will try again tonight against the ahost: could switching to geico really save you
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as mourners remember elizabeth taylor around the world, some people in our area have a personal connection to her. as john schriffen explains, her local legacy goes far beyond a building that bears her name. >> reporter: her beautiful violet eyes mesmerized the world for decades. even here in washington december, a town built on power and connections, liz taylor was
6:56 pm
a star. beyond her talent on the screen, many here are remembering her for her other passion. >> i remember her absolutely selfless dedication to people in need. >> reporter: in 1993, jim graham worked with her to raise awareness for hiv aids. he was then the exec you have the director of the whitman clinic. he remember the day she accepts the invitation to have the building named after her. >> she didn't just come. she really involved herself in the clinic while she was here. and she went to one of our residential facilities. and signed autographs for patients. >> we all pray for the day to come very soon when we will once again gather here to celebrate the end to aids and to close and lock these doors forever.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: the director of develop many at the clinic says taylor's actions changed the nation's response to hiv aids. >> in the late 1980s when she held up a condom in the commercial she did, imploring female use a condom because it is the only known way to prevent hiv aids, that was ground breaking. nobody had ever done anything like that before. here was an icon in, of hollywood putting her name on the line for this cause which she believed in. >> reporter: in memory of elizabeth taylor, a one-day challenge has been made to see how much money can be raised for hiv awareness. if you would like to don't donate, head tower website. let's get the latest on some storms heading our way. >> they are heading our way toward west virginia and extreme western virginia. let's show you where they are
6:58 pm
right now. live digital doppler. you can see the storms. a tornado warning is now in effect and also severe thunderstorm warnings in virginia in shen endough a and rocking ham county. around 8:00, probably 8:30. watch out as the storms will continue to make their way through. some of them will be strong. maybe severe with some very gusty winds and some large hail as well. let's go ahead and zoom in. you can see it making its way in. it will continue on east. front royal, you're in the path of that storm for the next half-hour to 45 minutes. the rest us, this is what we'll be seeing. temperatures falling dramatically. 49 on thursday. a high of only 40 on sunday. we could see a little bit of a mix tomorrow morning. then another one on sunday morning. not worried about any kind of snow or anything music accumulating over the next
6:59 pm
couple days. it goes to show you how cold we'll be on the first weekend of spring. a story out of a place called madison, georgia, tonight. a big sister's sacrifice for her little sister. 9-year-old risked her life to save her 5-year-old little sister. last month, she and her sister were crossing the street by the bus stop, to the bus stop, when a pickup truck came barreling down the street. the two girls tried to run. but the 9-year-old realized she would have to make a split second decision to protect her sister. so she push her little sister out of the way. and the 9-year-old was hit. knocked off her feet by the truck. they took her to the hospital. she survived. she is a hero now in madison, georgia, and everywhere else. she was celebrated for her bravely. and she is around to get a kiss as she did on the cheek from her very grateful littl
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